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Avoiding Falling into the Engineering Trap

Avoiding falling into the Sales Representative Engineering Trap

Many times I have seen this occur, a Maintenance Supervisor or Engineering director contacts a firm that promotes themselves as having the ability to resolve a particular mechanical issue with their “solve all widget.” A contact form is filled out and an eager sales representative calls to make an appointment to “come out and see what the problem is .”

See if this sounds familiar. The appointment goes like this: The sales rep shows up, appears to have genuine interest, listens, makes notes, takes measurements and suggest several items from their glossy catalog or web site. However he/she prefaces any suggestion for equipment or items to correct the existing condition with “let me turn this information in to our engineers and they will suggest the correct item for your application.”

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Industrial Engineering Technologies – Free Online Water Treatment Course!

Take a free on line water treatment course!

Are you in need of a little help when it comes to water treatment? This can be a complex process, but our experience and expertise can help you! We are planning to offer a FREE Water Treatment Course that you can sign up for. Be sure not to miss a lesson! Sign-up today and be notified when the course starts! Some of the topics covered include:

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Industrial Engineering Technologies – Top 10 Reasons to Choose IET

1.  Experience:

Industrial Engineering Technologies has over 60 cumulative years helping manufacturers maintain and improve their facilities domestically and abroad. The owner alone has more than 58000 hours in the care, building, and engineering of manufacturing facilities.

2.  Complete Service:

Our firm includes a General Engineering Division, General Building Division and an Industrial Plumbing Division. All of the above services controlled under one license. Industrial Engineering Technologies give you a single, trustworthy, and experienced point of contact for any project you may have.

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