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Industrial Piping Solutions; Backflow Protection Case Study 3

Industrial Piping Solutions

Backflow Protection

Why it is so important to perform facility water cross connection surveys on a regular basis…

Over 90% of the facilities that I have performed work in have had one form of cross connection between the drinking water and some form of chemical or contaminant. Each of these requires industrial piping solutions.

Below you will see why it is so important to perform facility water cross connection surveys on a regular basis.

Bangor, Maine. Water Department employees discovered poisonous antifreeze in a homeowner’s heating system and water supply in November, 1981. The incident occurred when they shut off  the service line to the home to make repairs. With the flow of water to the house cut off, pressure in the lines in the house dropped and the antifreeze which was placed in the heating system to prevent freeze-up of an unused hot water heating system, drained out of the heating system into house water lines flowing out to the street. If it had not been noticed, it would have entered the homeowner’s drinking water when the water pressure was restored.

Industrial Piping Solutions – Case Study 4

A nationally known fast food restaurant located in southeastern United States, complained to the water department that all their soft drinks were being rejected by their customers as tasting “salty”.  This included soda fountain beverages, coffee, orange juice, etc.  An investigation revealed that an adjacent water customer complained of salty water occurring simultaneously with the restaurant incident. This second complaint came from a water front ship repair facility that was also being served by the same water main lateral. The investigation centered on the ship repair facility and revealed the following:

  •  A backflow preventer that had been installed on the service line to the shipyard had frozen and had been replaced with a spool piece sleeve
  • The shipyard fire protection system utilized sea water that was pumped by both electric and diesel driven pumps
  • The pumps were primed by potable city water. With the potable priming line left open and the pumps maintaining pressure in the fire lines, raw salt water was pumped through the priming lines, through the spool sleeve piece, to the ship repair facility and the restaurant
Another need for professional industrial piping solutions.

Industrial Piping Solutions – Case Study 5

A high school in New Mexico, was closed for several days in June when a home economics teacher noticed the water in the potable system was yellow. City chemists determined that samples taken contained levels of chromium as high as 700 parts per million, “astronomically higher than the accepted levels of .05 parts per million.”  The head chemist said that it was miraculous that no one was seriously injured or killed by the high levels of chromium. The chemical was identified as sodium dichromate, a toxic form of chromium used in heating system boilers to inhibit corrosion of the metal parts. No students or faculty were known to have consumed any of the water; however, area physicians and hospitals advised that if anyone had consumed those high levels of chromium, the symptoms would be nausea, diarrhea, and burning of the mouth and throat. Fortunately, the home economics teacher, who first saw the discolored water before school started, immediately covered all water fountains with towels so that no one would drink the water. Investigation disclosed that chromium used in the heating system boilers to inhibit corrosion of metal parts entered the potable water supply system as a result of backflow through leaking check valves on the boiler feed lines. Industrial Engineering Technologies piping solutions could prevent troubles like these from becoming a problem for you or anyone in the future.

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