Industrial Engineering Technologies provides industrial engineering and planning services in southern california.

Industrial Engineering Technologies – Top 10 Reasons to Choose IET

1.  Experience:

Industrial Engineering Technologies has over 60 cumulative years helping manufacturers maintain and improve their facilities domestically and abroad. The owner alone has more than 58000 hours in the care, building, and engineering of manufacturing facilities.

2.  Complete Service:

Our firm includes a General Engineering Division, General Building Division and an Industrial Plumbing Division. All of the above services controlled under one license. Industrial Engineering Technologies give you a single, trustworthy, and experienced point of contact for any project you may have.

3.  Ease of Contact:

When you call Industrial Engineering Technologies, you will always talk directly to the owner. His primary responsibility is insuring that all of our clients are completely satisfied with our services.

4. Personal Attention:

We are not corporate; our office accepts only a strict, limited number of new projects per year, so you get our undivided attention without the corporate treatment. Industrial Engineering Technologies often works with a very small number of clients exclusively for an extended length of time in order to expedite the completion of their project.

5.  High Moral Operating Principals:

We do not participate in “kick-back” programs – where facility staff receives 10% of a project’s gross amount. You would be surprised how many companies have behavior that fuels this type of corruption. You can trust Industrial Engineering Technologies.

6.  All Installation in Code Approved Fashion:

Industrial Engineering Technologies performs all work in a safe and approved fashion, thus eliminating risk to your facility overall as well as eliminating dangers to facility workers.

7.  Professional Focus:

Due to the collapse of the economy, the service industry has been flooded with contractors and “others” that have no experience in facility’s care or maintenance. IET (Industrial Engineering Technologies) is a professional service company. All of our employees are full time members of this firm with professional qualifications and legal credentials. Our local staff is experienced, committed, and English speaking giving your projects the full time attention they require and deserve.

8.  High Standards, No Games:

All of our services and terms are stated clearly and are provided under the professional standards of our trade. When you call Industrial Engineering Technologies with questions, you’ll get answers. No games, no run-around, just straight-forward answers in plain English. Call us and see for yourself.

9.  Competitive Fees, Flexible Terms:

Our fees are fair and competitive, and we do not pad our bills with unnecessary labor or unexpected charges. Your fees are always discussed up-front, and you will receive and accurate quote for services before work begins.

We offer flexible terms of payment in a variety of payment methods including U.S. check, international wire, local deposit, Visa/MC, PayPal, etc.

10.  Industrial Engineering Technologies = Consistency, Reliability:

We did not come this far and last this long in such a highly competitive, uncertain and fraud-ridden local environment by letting clients down.

When you hire Industrial Engineering Technologies, you get a team of experienced, licensed professionals who are completely dedicated to your project’s success and to your complete satisfactions with all of the results.

We are not passing through; we are here for the long run, so you can rely on us to perform the project correctly.

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